Kidney March 2020 Kilometre Bombed!

It was the Night (0) Before Kidney March 2020

When I embarked on the Kilometre Bomber Journey I had no real expectations of what would happen. I hoped that people might stop me and ask questions. They did and I answered! I wanted to make people smile. Yup, did that to many people. I wished to walk along side fellow Kidney Marchers and cheer them on and most importantly get to know their Kidney March story. Some random meetings and some planned but I was honored to walk alongside those whom we found.

When night Zero came along I could barely contain my excitement. Little did I know what I was about to get into. I can’t begin to tell you in words to describe this 2020 Kidney March. It is unbelievable and priceless.

Little Mini Kidney Marches organized by marchers and their team all around Calgary.

Well treated by the Kidney March team, I could not disappoint them. I was chauffeured, hydrated, and ate when possible. We planned a route of Kidney Marchers walking and Kilometre Bomb them. The Kilometre Bomber would walk to them greeting them with the Kidney March Flag and walk them back where a welcoming crew of familiar faces cheered us on. Passers by would cheer, passing cars would honk all to cheer Kidney March! I would then see them off on their next leg to their walk.

The incredible feeling of walking along side fellow marchers carrying that amazing Kidney March flag brought awareness around that this isn’t “just” a walk!. I continue to process each bomb we planted this weekend. It was my takeaway from Kidney March 2020 that this amazing community continue to raise awareness around Kidney Disease. I will have these adventures to share in person with 2021 Kidney Marcher participants as I continue to seek them out and share a Kilometre bomb moment with them.

I am looking forward to seeing you in good health very soon. I can’t help but share some photos of a few Kilometre Bombs of Kidney March 2020.

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